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John Crestani got fired from his job at 28. Then he built a $500,000-a-month business while traveling the world.  



I was able to quit my job thanks to John Crestani.

John Crestani is a complete mastermind! After a number of months working with John, I was able to quit my job because I had created enough wealth and income for myself..

Andrew Tirman

I made 2 sales in my first day!

John says you can make your first commissions in two hours, and I thought that seemed a little bit too fast, but I decided to try it anyway. I’m not sure if it took exactly two hours, but I decided to look 10 hours later and I made 2 sales.

Thank you John Crestani!

Jonas Lindgren


Super Affiliate System is amazing!

As a beginner, it gave me absolutely everything that I needed to get results fast and I have even just had my first sale. Yes!! Thank you for everything John Crestani.

Rick Maraj

I just made his first sales online applying the blueprint taught by John Crestani.

I didn’t think it was possible, but it is!

Anders Braathen


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